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Website Maintenance

In this millennial age, everything has to be online, including your business. Rather than visiting the physical stores, people nowadays prefer to surf on the internet first to find offers and other information they need about some products. Plus, it will be more convenient if they can buy the products by just staying at home. With this kind of lifestyle, building a website for your business is a must. WordPress is usually a number one choice since it is simple to be built and affordable.

But is just creating a WordPress means enough? NO. Unfortunately, you still have to work hard in maintaining it. Bug fixing, updating offers and banners that matched the seasons, updating your gallery by uploading some videos and photos, backing up your website data, and many more. With all your business activities, you don’t have time to do this all, do you? Thanks that many website maintenance service providers you can rely on. But because you are not just investing money on it, choose the one that can be trusted, affordable, and understand your needs.





Works out at just £25/month and you get full peace of mind that your WordPress website is being looked after therefore, you can focus on your business!

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Go for monthly pay if that’s easier for your cash flow. You still get the same full service and your website still gets the same protection!

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We love helping charities, we understand non-profit organisations often don’t have a dedicated web team and that’s where we can help.

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Don’t worry, we got this! We are happy to assist you in website maintaining to keep your page runs well. Here are what we work on for you:

If you have a website, then website maintenance is not an optional, whether you like it or not, it should be done. You can update your web design as often as you want. Say that you update it every day to make it up to date, or update it once a year because you are satisfied with its look now. But you cannot do the same thing with your core WordPress, because the web always changing and moving. You don’t want to leave your site open to viruses, hackers, malwares, and other undetected risks of security. Therefore, we are glad to help you in dealing with this problem.

It is important to keep information and features in your website up to date and comfortable to be used. You should always make sure that the systems used to run the site are also current. Website maintenance will also give better look for your users, which makes them surf longer in your site and enhance the possibility to generate sales. If many people stick to your website, your site traffic will increase and there is a chance that its appearance on search engine is escalated.
With all the advantages you will get, try to consider our service. We are available to response you quickly by email where we can discuss about our plan. Your goals are also ours.